A relaxed open plan lifestyle in the home is now being reflected outdoors too. Look on your garden as an extra room with inspirational patio paving ideas that turn your outdoor space into additional living rooms.

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A newly paved patio is a great place for a get together around a sizzling barbecue, a place for the kids to enjoy some real fun, whatever place you have in mind, we have a superb collection of inspirational ideas and become part of your everyday life the whole year round.

By transforming your garden and adding an attractively planned patio area you could greatly enhance the value of your home. Due to the vast variety of slabbing materials now available it is easier to contrast Patios. Larger patios can be broken up with matching materials of differing appearance such as rocks, plants and stones.

To further enhance appearance, steps and split levels can be introduced to make easier accsess into the garden. Finally the shape of the patio can be formal or informal in its design, and advice can be given at every stage up to completion.

Turfing: supplied and laid:
Ground works are prepared by rotovating land. Top soil and sand, or a sand/soil mix is used in the preparation before laying the turf.  Various grades are available to suit different life styles .


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